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FNW accepts new members from OR, WA, ID, and AK

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FISTS Northwest, callsign K7FFF, is a regional amateur radio club. It is the first FISTS-affiliated club in Oregon. The club trustee is Casey Bahr, NA7U, who founded the club in December, 1997.

Our Purpose

The club is intended to operate as a loose affiliation of cooperating members who share an interest in the use and promotion of CW to communicate on amateur radio bands. There is no formal club charter. There are no bylaws, no explicit rules or policies, no newsletter, and no decoder rings. Also, there are no dues. The founder is volunteering his time and money to get the club off to its modest start.

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Membership is open to anyone, amateur and non-amateur alike, residing in WA, OR, ID, and AK. You do not need to be a FISTS member to be a member of FISTS Northwest. However, it is expected that you already appreciate the use of Morse code for radio communications and the skill, art, and technical advantages of this mode.

Anyone wishing to become a member of FISTS Northwest need only contact the club founder by regular mail, e-mail, or an on-the-air contact and supply your call (if applicable), FISTS number (if applicable), and your mailing address. The club would also appreciate it if you would include any biographical information that you think might interest other members and any suggestions as to the future development of the club.

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Club Benefits

There are a limited supply of K7FFF QSL cards that are issued in small batches, free of charge, to members who wish to use the club call. Donations of SASEs for your QSL cards would be greatly appreciated. Please visit the FNW Member Guidelines page for more information on club call use and QSLing.

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FISTS Key Logo

Club Activities

Future club developments that are planned, or in progress include:

Other activities that may or may not develop are dependent on the ideas and resources of the club membership. Any club is only as good as the collective energy of its members! FISTS Northwest hopes that the club provides a regional focal point for the wonderful art of CW communication and the satisfaction it brings to those who use it.

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Club Station

Current "club" station rigs include: Elecraft K2, K1, Drake 2-C + 2-NT, Drake C-Line. Antennas are three 80-10 doublets and a 5-band Cubex quad. Still a sparkle in the trustee's eye is a 40/30 meter quad!!

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Contacting FNW

For information or to apply for membership send a note to:

Send e-mail to K7FFF

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