Coast to Coast 2002 Clubs List
31 Clubs Participated This Year! Last updated: October 5, 2002
C2C runs from2000Z-1600Z September 20-21st UTC Time (U.S. West Coast Fri./Sat. 1PM-9AM)
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Club Name will join? Club Call F nr e-mail Main Contact Club Web Pages
North Norfolk AR Group no GB2MC 6063 Keith GGFQ
The Theodore Roosevelt ARC yes K0ND 6100 Bill Bosch, K0UB  
FISTS New England yes K1FFF 6200 Perley Urquhart, N1YUK
FISTS of Long Island yes K2FFF 7450 Ray Garraud, N2IJ
FISTS CW Club of Florida yes K4FFF 7000 Grant Mitchell, N4GM  
Tarant County College ARC yes K5TCC 7400 T. E. (Doc) Drake,
Vista Valley FISTS Club yes K6FFF 4444 Dan Keefe, KS6Z
East Bay Contest Society yes K6TTX 4600      
FISTS Northwest yes K7FFF 4400 Casey Bahr, KS7J
QRPacific Club yes K7low 7825 John Nicholson, K7FD  
HF Loafers yes KC5NWS 4950      
Imperial Valley ARC yes KC7EQW 8675 Bruce Thompson, WB7RHT
FISTS CW Club of Michigan no K8EY 3400 Nancy Kott, WZ8C  
Fairborn FISTS yes K8FST 9200 Al, W8FAX  
9-0-4 ARC yes K9IM 8100 James Flummer, N9LEC
Red Stick FISTS Club yes N5FFF 9250 Wayne Matherne, N5YFC  
FISTS CW Club of Coastal GA yes NC4CW 5200 Arnie Macy, KT4ST (Pres.)
USS Torsk ARC no NK3ST 6600 Nick Yokanovich, K3NY
Historical Electronics Museum ARC yes W3GR 9275 Nick Yokanovich, K3NY
E. L. Sielke Memorial yes W3IYQ 8500 John, W2AGN
FISTS QSL Bureau Club yes W4FCR 7007 Stan Reas, K4UK
St. Petersburg ARC yes W4GAC 7875 John Stark, KU4BT
The Working Class Telegraphy Club of West Central Florida yes W4MVZ 7600 Mike Zbrozek, K8XF  
Deming ARC yes W5DAR 7500 Paul A. Gromatzky, KW7D
High Desert Wireless Club yes W5YA 5300 Fred Maas, KT5X  
The Valley Radio Club yes W7PXL 8800 George, N7QU  
Sandusky Valley ARC yes W8NCK 8200      
Flying Pigs QRP Club yes W8PIG 7373 Dan J. Shepherd, Sr, N8IE
Rockford ARC Fists yes W9AXD 7250 Rich Ludwig  
FISTS of Illinois yes W9FFF 6900 Jess Colvin, AI9L
Rutgers University ARC yes WA2NPP 8150 David Hochfelder, KC2GZV  
Cowlitz FISTS ARC yes WA7YYY 1900 Ed Hayes, N7CFA
Redcliffe ARC yes VK4RC 9066      
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