FISTS Northwest Events - The 2005 Coast to Coast FISTS Club Event!
FISTS Club #4400 Century Award #457

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COAST TO COAST 2005 FISTS Clubs QSO Party Wrap-Up
by Paul Beringer, NG7Z

The Annual Coast to Coast contest was held on Oct 29th, 2005. We were hoping that holding the event a month later than last year would help our friends in EU but, alas, a look at the logs showed that the sunspot cycle did not cooperate and very few EU stations showed up in the logs. Just as disappointing was the difficultly our "down under" compatriots had in getting into the US. On the other hand, the JA clubs showed up for the first time and a lot of US, VK and ZL logs had contacts there. Despite generally lousy conditions, there were over 300 FISTS who participated based on the logs submitted by the clubs. David, K8III was way out in front in both club scoring and member scoring. Remember, those who are operating a club call are rewarded by being allowed to use their club score in addition to their personal score. The fact that David has identical scores indicates that he spent all his time using the club call K8EY. Kudos to David for handing out 3 pointers for the entire contest.

I received a number of logs from the members and looking through them, I once again found a lot of non-clubs. The presence of non-clubs causes a lot of confusion for scoring since the members are counting them in their score. This situation happens each year. I suspect that FISTS who aren't aware of the rules or the contest, start calling CQ C2C to take advantage of the potential to work lots of FISTS and add to their point totals for awards. Needless to say, they don't submit scores or logs. On the other hand, there were a lot of clubs who showed up at the last minute and were not on the official list at the C2C website. This also creates confusion. I spent countless hours going over logs trying to straighten out scores. So if you see your score and it doesn't match up with what you calculated, those are the reasons why.

There are now nearly 200 FISTS clubs. I am considering changing this event to a club to club only contest. In other words, affiliated FISTS clubs would be the only ones competing. This would get rid of the confusing rule of members operating club calls and using that to add to their own scores when operating with their own calls. Also, it would (hopefully) get more Fists members to join the clubs. I look forward to hearing from C2C fans on this idea.

73 and thanks to all the participants!

Paul NG7Z