FISTS Northwest Events - The 2001 Coast to Coast FISTS Club Event!
FISTS Club #4400 Century Award #457

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FISTS Clubs QSO Party
Thanks everyone for your participation! We had some horrendous condx this year but it appears there was plenty of activity and a great deal of fun had by all.

Click here to see the list of participating clubs and their information.

Click here to see the C2C 2001 sked of FISTS Northwest operators.

New K7FFF logs for the 2001 C2C are listed below. We had 106 total club contacts for the event. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page after viewing a log.

Please use the FISTS QSL Bureau for your QSLs!!!

Coast to Coast Event Rules and Station Guidelines
  1. You don't have to be a FISTS member to participate! Non-members can use club points (3 points per club) towards FISTS awards when they join FISTS later.
  2. Contest dates --- April 15th, 0000 UTC up to 2400 UTC (24 hour event, April 14-15, Saturday and Sunday, over the U.S. time zones). Clubs will work a maximum of 24 hours. However, Clubs will operate to their own operating schedules (and styles) and may not be on the air the entire 24 hours. We will try to post proposed schedules and QTHs where possible.
  3. Bands to use: 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. We encourage Clubs to use the Novice segments also. No WARC bands. Clubs will call near regular FISTS frequencies.
  4. Clubs will call --- "CQ C2C"
  5. Mode: CW Only.
  6. Exchange --- Clubs and operators will exchange the following elements arranged how they see fit: RST, Name, State, and FISTS number (if you are a FISTS member). Clubs, remember to include your club number.
  7. All contacts with Clubs will count toward regular FISTS awards (FISTS clubs are worth 3 points each), as applicable. In addition, certificates will be awarded to all participants who work the following number of clubs (NOTE: log submittal is NOT required):

    A minimum of 5 Clubs ---- Bronze Certificate
    For contact of 10 Clubs ---- Silver Certificate
    For contact of 15 Clubs ---- Gold Certificate
    For contact of 20 Clubs ---- Platinum Certificate
    For contact of 25 Clubs ---- Diamond Certificate[In Reserve]

  8. All participating Clubs will handle their own logging and QSLs. Applicants are NOT required to submit QSLs or logs to claim a C2C Certificate. Please QSL to Club contacted only!

Please use the FISTS QSL Bureau for your QSLs!!!

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