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In order to encourage the use of the club callsign, make operating easier for everyone, and to maintain a good image for the club, the following guidelines and suggestions are provided for club members. They are subject to changes and improvements if club consensus requires that. They are not a substitute for courtesy and common sense. All efforts to adhere to these guidelines are greatly appreciated by everyone, especially the club trustee, NA7U, as any FCC violations would be brought against his license!

Club Call Use

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How to QSL on behalf of the Club

Please take personal responsibility for QSLing your contacts when using the FNW club call. Direct your contact to QSL either via the FISTS buro or directly to your station QTH, if possible. NA7U will keep K7FFF SASEs on hand with the FISTS buro.

NA7U is currently trying to keep all members supplied with K7FFF QSL cards. Requests for more cards to the club address will be filled ASAP, especially if you include return postage (about 1 oz per 10 cards). If you don't receive some for any reason or your supply is depleted, the club encourages you to roll your own using the current club style or even your own style. If you make your own cards, be sure to include the club address and the club FISTS number (4400), and Century Award number (457).

Even if you direct any contact to QSL via your home call, QSL cards still find their way to the club trustee, Casey Bahr, NA7U. Casey does not mind acting as an incoming QSL manager and forwarding these cards on to the FNW member to whom they belong. It is appreciated by him if you send him an SASE for this purpose. Also, it is highly recommended that you send Casey a copy of your K7FFF logs so that QSL cards can be directed to the proper FNW member (e-mail or snail mail as you prefer).

NA7U is not going to act as an outgoing QSL manager. You are ultimately responsible for QSLing your contacts. And please QSL 100% if possible when using the club call.

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