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Three FISTS clubs, three states, 3-letter suffixes, and 3 points for working each station! What does that add up to?

The first annual West Coast Triple (WCT)!!

FISTS Northwest, K7FFF, the Vista Valley FISTS CW Club, K6FFF, and the Cowlitz FISTS Club, WA7YYY, are teaming up for this special event on September 19th, 1998. We need the help of as many members as possible from all three clubs as well as participation from all FISTS members to make this event a first-time success.

Besides the chance for other FISTS to earn 9 points in a short time, a member of K6FFF is going to issue a special WCT certificate to operators who work all three clubs and make application to Kerry Freeman, N6WU, and supported by the clubs' logs. This certificate will only be issued to FISTS members. Please enclose 2 oz. worth of postage for your certificate. Donations to offset printing costs are greatly appreciated.

Following are the rules and procedures for all participants in the WCT:

  1. Dates and Times
    • Saturday, September 19th, 1998.
      8 hours from 1:00 - 9:00 PM PDT (2000-0400Z)
  2. Band coverage
    • 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters in the Advanced/General segments and 40 and 15 meters in the Novice segments. Six segments total. The goal is to have one operator from each club per band segment at any given time.
  3. Calling
    • Listen for "CQ WCT" or "CQ Triple". Clubs will try to call near a FISTS frequency (ending in .x58, and on the Novice segments near 7.108 and 21.108), but may be anywhere in the band segments.
  4. Exchange
    • FISTS Members: RST, name, state, and FISTS number.
    • Non-FISTS Members: RST, name, state.
    • We want to encourage inexperienced as well as experienced operators to participate and keep this a low-key event. This is NOT a contest, the clubs are not competing and no multipliers or such are used. Please feel free to ragchew, but keep it brief to give as many FISTS members as possible a chance at earning the club points and WCT Certificate.
    • All due courtesy will be given to QRP'rs and Novices!!
  5. QSLing
    • FISTS Members: Please QSL via the FISTS buro, K4UK. This will save a lot of confusion and be the most efficient for everyone. Requests for the WCT Certficate must be made (by FISTS members only) to Kerry Freeman, N6WU.
    • Non-FISTS: Please QSL directly to the club call and include an SASE.

Club Members Only

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