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Red Dog
Red Dog

Dave writes:

"Kotzebue serves for a mailing address as it is the closest community with a U.S. Post Office. I'm actually a resident at Red Dog, Alaska, a zinc mine located at 68.04.25 N 162.50.97 W, which is just a "tad bit" further north of Kotzebue. We're located in the DeLong Mountains of the Brooks Range, about 51 miles inland from the coast and about 30 miles NNW of Noatak."

Dave's Base Station
Dave's Base Station

From left to right are an ICOM IC-756; top of rack left is an ICOM IC-706; within the rack is a Cubic (Swan) Astro 150A.

The QRP rig, a Ten-Tec 1340 is not included in the photo as it is a more recent addition.

The computer is on a separate desk, outside the photo.

The IC-706 serves double duty as a mobile and is also used as a base during Field Day, as well as other special events.

Installed in the pickup trick (1969 Chev C-10) is an IC-2710 dual band and HT applications are handled with an IC-W32A.

Hope you enjoy the photo.

73, Dave AL0H