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Larry Ledlow, Jr.
Larry Himself
Larry in NZ

Quick bio:

After over ten years as an avid SWL, I was first licensed in 1981 as KA3HIY. I hated trying to learn Morse code until about six weeks into my club-sponsored course. I remember sitting at the dining room table late one night working on the practice tape. Then something clicked, and suddenly I enjoyed it. Within a year I held Extra class NA5E, thanks largely to the discipline and practice I got from the New Jersey Slow Net. Two years ago, after living in New Hampshire for ten years, I finally decided to request a proper "1" call. I received N1TX. Besides the obvious, "TX" also reflects my Texas roots.

I am a telecommunications system engineer, and my work has taken me around the world. I also love to travel. I have held callsigns G0CQW, GB5DX, GB4JUL, 9H3FS, N5EAZ/KH6, C56/NA5E, and FP/NA5E. These days I sign KL7/N1TX from Fairbanks. I enjoy CW ragchewing, digital and analog satellite operation, V/UHF and microwave, and occasional DXing. I also regularly participate in several CW and phone contests.

Some folks may recognize my NA5E call from a quick year I spent as Editor-in-Chief at "73 Amateur Radio" magazine in the late 1980s. Still others will recognize it from my participation in a lot of on-line activities for radio hobbyists, especially 1988-1994. I currently work at a satellite ground station operated by the University of Alaska.

73! Larry Ledlow, Jr. KL7/N1TX