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Jim Larsen, AL7FS
FNW #69 FISTS #4666

AL7FS Information (click on the image above to visit Jim's website)

Greetings from Alaska. My interests include 6 mtr, EME (WAS #36 on 2 mtr), QRP, QRP kits, QRPp, Licensed Massage Practitioner LMP (CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Visceral Manipulation , Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure), ECKANKAR , email with friends, ICQ 11022915 with friends and family, science fiction. Birthday April 13 -> Aries. The Anchorage Hillside Rotary Club is my home club. I finished up my career and left AT&T in Dec 1999 and am now gainfully retired. BS in Engineering from Iowa State Univ. MBA from Univ. of Utah, Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Quality Engineering. Family is Nancy (KL7NY) married 32 years (best friends for over 33), Andy (NL7QI) graduated from Univ of AK Fairbanks in May 1999 with a degree in Japanese Studies (minor in Marketing-International); now working in Nagoya, Japan, and Juliann (WL7MP) who is a May 2000 graduate of Service HS here in Anchorage. Juliann is currently at the University of Idaho (Moscow, ID) studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (double major). Picture is located at ... Nancy, Andy and Juliann are easy to figure out. The fifth person is Issei who was a Rotary exchange student from Kyoto Japan living with us when the picture was taken. Our family has lived in Alaska since January 1978.

Summary: AL7FS was orginally licensed as WN0LPK in March 1965 (WA0LPK from 1965-1985). Currently the Vice President of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club and a member of the South Central Radio Club of Anchorage. I have participated in HF from 160-10 meters (CW and SSB), packet, satellite, 6 meter, UHF, VHF, ATV, EME (2 meter WAS #36), DX, and QRP. QRP has lasted the longest and the strongest - 1970 to the present. I am on the Board of Directors of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International. My website is at

73, Jim

Jim's Shack