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This page is a short summary of our trip. Since this was my second trip to Ukraine, I spent less time visiting and photographing the tourist attractions, of which there are many. The photographs here reflect the kind of trip it really was, one where I could get to know a bit better my in-laws, get a taste of village life, and have a little fun with one of my hobbies, amateur radio. Enjoy.

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Within a couple of years of our marriage my wife and I were blessed to have a new son, Sean (or Seanushka as we are apt to call him). Tamara was very keen on having him christened properly in a church, but being a confirmed agnostic, I'm afraid I didn't give much assistance to that project. Well, being back in Ukraine gave us the perfect opportunity to accomplish that, and I'm very glad we waited until then. Christening
Sisters Naturally, a trip back to my wife's home involves lots of visits with family and friends. Last time they saw me I was still a courter, not an in-law, and I looked forward to meeting everyone again as a member of the family. I especially looked forward to a big dinner at Uncle Vidya's house.
We wanted to split our two weeks between Kyiv and visiting Tamara's grandmother in the village of Viktorovka, where last time I had only enough time for a day trip. Life in the big city is fun in its own way, but in a word, cramped. I'm a country boy at heart and was anxious to explore the village and its folks as well as get my radio station set up. Unfortunately, business in Kyiv kept us there a couple of days longer. Babushki and Sean
Country Life We couldn't have enjoyed our stay in the village any more. We left behind the hustle and bustle of Kyiv and fell in to a slower pace of life. The weather was cool and sunny and a walk through the town was always refreshing with interesting things to see.
It was unfortunate that I missed most of the weekend for my radio operation, as I'm sure I must have missed many U.S. hams who were looking for me. We actually didn't get to the village until Sunday afternoon, but I did find enough time (and daylight) to get one of my antennas set up. I was on the air, briefly, by that evening. Radio setup
Church tower We took a day trip to the nearby city of Chernihiv (Chernigov), about an hour away from the village. Just the number of churches there is impressive, plus the more European atmosphere, much less cosmopolitan than Kyiv.