Village Life
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Visiting Babushka UT/KS7J (now NA7U) On The Air

Yes, people do have cars, but mainly they are kept garaged and used rarely. Tractors abound, but there remain many horse drawn carts in use. If this doesn't give you an idea of the pace of life in the village, nothing will.

Note the line of cow pats down the middle of the street. Every day you tie up your cow outside your gate and as they drive the other cows out to pasture in the morning they stop and pick yours up. Everyone shares the duty of driving the cows and watching them all day, taking shifts of about 2 days a month.

Horse Cart
Cemetery Just a snapshot of a nearby cemetery in the village. It was a bit spooky in there since there were a number of fresh graves and most of it was pretty overgrown. Some of the markers were quite old (early 19th century) and made from large timbers.
Early morning kitchen duty, peeling the potatoes. Since there were a total of 7 people staying at babushka's house, it could get to feel crowded. Tamara, I, and her mother, though, often got up an hour or two, pre-dawn, and spent the time chatting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and starting breakfast. Mornings like this were cozy and relaxing. It was frosty outside, so a trip to the outhouse required boots and heavy coat, but you also got a spectacular sunrise thrown in for free! Peeling potatoes